About Us

Since becoming a mother of two, I discovered it was pretty hard to find plain, quality shirts for my little ones in Hong Kong. There were some wonderful local brands around, but none that had shirts without logos, designs, words or cute prints. 


As I couldn't find much, I decided to make my own.

But I didn't want them to be boring.

I wanted a simple, but non-standard design. I wanted a wide spectrum of colours. I wanted to use premium fabrics. I wanted them to fit and feel like a hug.

So finally, after many months of researching and hitting the ground visiting and wrangling with factories and suppliers, Wigo Wear was born.

The silky soft shirts are designed with envelope necklines for efficient and easy wearability (very helpful for my sons as they learn how to dress themselves).

They have contrasting trims as an extra unintrusive detail and the added spandex ensures a snug, comfortable fit. Printed labels at the back minimize the chance of skin irritations (my son is hypersensitive to physical clothing labels, so from experience, I aimed to eliminate any unnecessary sensory triggers).

The fabrics are lightweight, antibacterial and temperature-regulating (learn more about that here).With all the beneficial characteristics, you don't need to worry so much if the shirt your baby is wearing is too hot/cold or heavy or uncomfortable (I find this to be very helpful when one of my sons has eczema flare ups or when my children have fevers!).

Best of all is that the shirt is affordable and multi-purpose. It is lounge wear, active wear, sleepwear, go-anywhere-wear!

I am so proud to offer my little range of shirts straight from my heart to your wee ones :)

Giving Back

Wigo Wear is privileged to donate a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations in Hong Kong that provide support and early intervention training to children with special needs.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to those who do amazing work with special needs children and their families, and to those who advocate on their behalf. I have experienced firsthand the challenges of families living in Hong Kong with children who require a bit of extra care: From long government waitlists for subsidized therapies to the lack of public knowledge about various disorders and disabilities, to the dearth of schools offering authentic learning support. It is my desire to give back in gratitude for the kindness and support my family has received.

Please keep checking our website and Facebook page for updates on how Wigo Wear is contributing back to the local special needs community. Thank you for your support!